Gemstone Focus – Morganite

Morganite is a variety of Beryl, which means it is part of the same family of emerald and aquamarine. Its beauty and limited supply make it a favourite of collectors.

In 1911 a transparent gem discovered on the African island of Madagascar was hailed as an exciting new alternative to kunzite and pink tourmaline.

The rose pink to lilac gem was named in honour of the wealthy banker and gem connoisseur John Pierpont Morgan; who was an avid customer of the jewellery store Tiffany’s, which enthusiastically promoted the gem.

Morganite has a rating of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale; meaning it can resist scratches, but heat may alter its colour. Warm soapy water is the safest way to clean this beautiful gem.

Brazil has become the top producer of Morganite as Madagascar’s deposits have declined. The finest colour of the gem is deep magenta, most that appear on the market are a pale pink.

Like aquamarine and emerald, it is dichroic and therefore shows two shades of colour if viewed along two different axis.

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