January Birthstone: Garnet

 Mohs Hardness – 7.5


Garnet is generally thought of as a cheap alternative to ruby, but to encourage that belief does little service to one of the most important genus of gemstones. The colour spectrum of garnet spans the rainbow, from red to purple, from light to dark green.

Ranging in price from a few pounds to hundreds of pounds its easy to see why it is a very misunderstood stone.

Beads of garnet have been discovered in prehistoric graves and red carbuncles (cabochons) have been appearing in jewellery for the last 500 years.

Types of Garnet include: Pyrope (blood-red colour), Almandite (from deep-red to violet-red colour), Rhodolite (bright violet-red colour), Spessartite (orange-red colour), Hessonite (orange-brown to brown-yellow colour), Tsavorite (lime-green to emerald-green colour) & Demantoid (bright-green colour – very rare)

It is believed Garnet inspires love and stimulates blood-flow, it is supposed to aid creativity and enhance passion!