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Whether you're caring for an expensive item, a special gift with sentimental value, or your favourite piece, we all want to keep our jewellery looking as polished as the day it was purchased. Caring for your jewellery is important.

At Cameo Jewellers & Goldsmiths, we stock a wide range of quality, easy to use cleaning products, including dips, cloths and wipes.


If possible, remove gold jewellery before washing up, bathing or showering, as soap can cause gold to appear dull and also affect the lustre of gemstones.

To protect gold from scratching, always separate items when storing.  

White gold items are usually enhanced with rhodium plating, creating a highly reflective white surface.   Over  time this surface may become dull, which is perfectly normal, and can easily be returned to it’s former glory.

All precious metal jewellery will certainly benefit from an occasional professional clean and polish, at which time settings, claws and fasteners can be checked over and advice given.  Scratches can be removed and stones will sparkle once again.


Over time sterling silver oxidises, leaving it looking tarnished.  However, you can ensure your silver retains its stunning appearance with proper care and attention.  Keeping silver wrapped in a soft material avoids contact with air and light and will reduce oxidisation.  To protect silver from scratching, always separate items when storing.


After wearing your gemstones, wipe them with a soft damp cloth and store in a soft bag or lined box.  Avoid exposing your gemstones to harsh chemicals including chlorine or detergents as this may erode the gems and make them appear dull.


Clean diamonds shine the brightest, as they allow the maximum amount of light to enter the diamond resulting in breathtaking brilliance.  Cosmetics, cooking grease, soap and even natural skin oils can all dull diamonds, so it is important to get them cleaned regularly.

Avoid wearing your diamonds when doing heavy work, as even a material as hard and tough as diamond can be damaged by a heavy blow.  Diamonds can also damage each other when stored together, so it is important to keep them separate from each other as well as your other jewellery.  Also avoid your diamonds coming into contact with chlorine bleach, as it can damage the mountings.


Platinum is an extremely hardwearing metal and consists of 95% pure platinum and 5% other elements.  These are added to the purest of Platinum to enable improved designs and appearance which make the final product more attractive.

This is especially true for delicate diamond set rings and highly polished wedding bands.  Like all precious metals, platinum scratches and dents when it comes into contact with harder elements.  It is recommended that your platinum ring is not worn when carrying out heavy chores, sports and other activities where it may come in to contact with hard surfaces. 

Even though daily wear may leave an impression on the surface, over a period of time it creates a natural patina over the outer surface that does not impair the quality of the item.  In most instances heavy marks can be removed by a professional polishing process.


It is more important than ever to fully insure your precious items.  We recommend that you photograph each piece, preferably being worn, in order to supply your insurers with proof of ownership should a situation arise.  Check with your insurer the level at which you are required to separately itemise any single piece.